Teaching Toddlers: What to keep in mind about their emotions

At the age of two, the toddler’s brain is rapidly developing, coming into developing the structures that manage some of the vitally essential functions and life skills. We still don’t have as much neuroscientific evidence during this stage of life as we do others. However, more and more research is being done, as research shows […]

Why Preschool?

Here are a few of the reasons why preschool is essential. The development of social-emotional skills is one of the biggest reasons for a child to enter into a preschool program. They need that interaction with their peers. They need to learn to deal with others. To work with others. To share and take turns. […]

Mental Health Talk

The Early Years is a time of vast and rapid development of each part of the young child. When we teach young children, it is imperative to consider the whole child. Their social and emotional well being is just as important as them learning their ABC’s before entering into Kindergarten. If you ask a Kindergarten […]

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